Traction Enhancement


ALLEVIATE® is an innovative traction gel that enhances the coefficient of friction at the wheel/rail interface. It improves train braking capability, wheel traction and conductivity in track circuits.

Railway wheel traction is adversely affected by top of rail surface contamination. An example of this is compacted leaves which can create a very slippery surface with an extremely low co-efficient of friction. In extreme circumstances the resultant loss of traction can cause trains to slide through signals or cause inability to pull away from stops or up inclines. This can not only lead to unsafe operating conditions, but also cause significant operating delays.

L.B. Foster's traction enhancement solution, ALLEVIATE can be easily applied to the rail head through a Traction Gel Applicator (TGA) which combats the build up of leaf contamination.


  • Significantly enhanced COF with reduced traction and braking risks due to leaf fall contamination and iron oxide formation

  • Optimized sand particle size via R&D, focusing on field-proven wheel/rail interface theory

  • Cold weather application

  • Innovative corrosion control properties to effect early morning dew/moisture suppressing the formation of iron oxides within the 3rd body layer

  • Designed for trackside and vehicle-based delivery

  • Optimized storage/shelf life

ALLEVIATE® Traction Gel

ALLEVIATE is a high performance traction gel designed to improve friction conditions in regions of low adhesion at the wheel tread/top of rail interface due to leaf fall, wet rails or other wheel/rail interface contamination.

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