Friction Management

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KELTRACK® trackside products are water-based, liquid friction modifiers applied using PROTECTOR® IV Top-of-Rail application systems.

KELTRACK® Trackside Family Of Friction Modifiers

When applied, KELTRACK is transferred to rail vehicles from the top-of-rail and establishes dry thin film friction control at the wheel tread/top of rail interface. There are two KELTRACK trackside solutions for transit and freight applications enabling KELTRACK to provide a targeted solution for specific problems in these working environments.

KELTRACK trackside transit solution is intended for use in targeted curve locations in transit systems.

KELTRACK trackside solution assists freight and transit operators to deal with a wide range of problems from high rail wear to high lateral forces, energy consumption and rolling contact fatigue (RCF) development.

In its liquid form (prior to application), KELTRACK is similar in appearance and certain characteristics to a water based latex paint. When applied to the top of the rail through PROTECTOR top of rail distribution bars, the liquid material is picked up by the train wheels and carried down the track. The water component dries rapidly, forming a dry thin film.

The frictional characteristics of a KELTRACK trackside transit or freight film provide:

  • A controlled intermediate friction level that reduces curving forces, flange noise, wear, energy consumption and corrugations without effecting braking or traction

  • Positive friction characteristics that dramatically reduce wheel squeal and short pitch corrugations

Protector wayside friction management application system

Wayside PROTECTOR IV Track Lubrication System using KELTRACK TOR Friction Modifiers

To reduce top-of-rail friction, the L.B. Foster Wayside PROTECTOR IV applies KELTRACK friction modifier to the TOR foam applicator bar, a revolutionary product that has achieved noise reductions averaging 10dB and up to 22dB as well as lateral force reductions up to 50%.

KELTRACK is a water- based suspension of proprietary solids, when applied to the railhead the water component evaporates and the material remains as a thin dry film (no oil or grease components, environmentally benign).

This film creates an intermediate coefficient of friction on the railhead of approximately 0.35 that will not a effect traction or braking while providing an optimum friction level on top of the rail for minimising wear, energy, noise and lateral forces in a safe and reliable manner.


KELTRACK Manual Top of Rail is a water-based version of our proven on-board HPF solid stick. It is formulated specifically for instances where on-board application of a solid stick is not viable. KELTRACK Manual Top of Rail is ideal for mixed traffic situations involving dedicated vehicles that do not operate on the track.

KELTRACK Manual TOR is applied to the top of rail using our manual and easy-to-use SOLOROLLER™ applicator. The material dries quickly, leaving an environmentally-safe friction modifier on the wheel/rail interface. KELTRACK Manual Top of Rail has been field-proven to reduce noise, on average, by half of the perceived noise recognized by the human ear and up to a maximum of 30 decibels. This improves comfort for riders and nearby residents and reduces dangerous lateral forces, lessening the potential for derailment without affecting signal transfer, traction or braking.


  • Reduces Noise Levels

  • Reduces Lateral Forces

  • Increases Railhead and Wheel Tread Life

  • Increases Railhead and Wheel Grinding/Profiling Intervals

  • No Effect on Signal Transfer or Braking

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