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L.B. Foster has leveraged their wheel / rail interface expertise to develop KELTRACK® Transit EX and KELTRACK Trackside Transit specifically for the transit market.

Innovation and integrity are core values at L.B. Foster Rail Technologies, and we continue to combine our state-of-the-art wheel/rail interface testing facility with rigorous scientific analysis and on-track field testing to bring you the next generation of top-of-rail (TOR) products. This pursuit of excellence highlights our core objective of providing our customers with the world’s most advanced friction management products that will consistently and reliably protect the wheel/rail interface to save transit railways money and ensure passengers are moved safely and reliably.

Recognized globally as the experts in railroad friction management, we continue to develop innovative products that:

  • Reduce curving forces and improve steering

  • Reduce wheel squeal noise

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Reduce the growth rate and onset of corrugations

  • Reduce Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) development

Friction modifiers developed specifically for transits

KELTRACK Transit EX is a premium, all-season, TOR friction modifier with EXtended carry down capabilities for use in transit systems. With this innovative product, L.B. Foster took our world-leading KELTRACK Trackside Transit friction modifier technology and developed an enhanced formulation that provides increased coverage at all operating temperatures while continuing to provide excellent protection in the wheel/rail interface. KELTRACK Transit EX has been designed to have enhanced film durability, improved corrosion resistance, and an exceptionally low freezing point. 

All KELTRACK friction modifiers are water-based and contain no oil. They have properties which provide transits with:

  • A controlled intermediate friction level that does not affect braking or traction

  • Positive friction characteristics reduce noise and short-pitch corrugation

Transit application systems

Built on over 40 years of in-service experience and continuous technological innovation, L.B. Foster PROTECTOR systems are known to be:

  • Exceedingly reliable

  • Easy to maintain

  • Consistent and precise in their application rate. Our innovative control system uses proprietary compensation algorithms to seamlessly adapt to changing operating conditions and consistently outputs the correct amount of friction modifier.

Combined with our Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM) system, the PROTECTOR system is the most advanced friction management system available in the world. Whether you need a narrow system for tunnel applications or an embedded track system for street-running applications, L.B. Foster has a solution ready to go. Our patented top-of-rail foam application bars are designed to optimize the delivery of friction modifiers to the wheel / rail interface, maximizing pick-up and minimizing waste.

Whatever your top-of-rail friction management challenge, we can help.


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