IsoFLOW Probe™


The Chemtec IsoFLOW Probe is a mechanical device that when inserted into a pipeline, API Loop, or any other flowing line it extracts a slip stream of product from said line. 


IsoFLOW Probe delivers a slip stream of product representative of the actual product flowing by in said line to a sample device, densitometer, or any other analytical instrument used to qualitatively and/or quantitatively analyze the chemical makeup or other characteristics of a sample.The probe is available in two models, Flanged and Threaded, and in three different sizes. This ensures the best possible opperating range for your application. 

The IsoFLOW probe is engineered in such a way that the remaining unsampled product flowing in the slip stream is then reintroduced back into the pipeline through the same probe that extracted the product, allowing for a continuous mechanical flow of fluid through the sample system. This is what allows the system to produce a sample that is representative of what is flowing by in the pipeline at that time. The probe is backed by 3rd part Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis specifiying sizing, flow characteristics and wake frequency thresholds. The theoretical calculations were then validated through actual flow testing studies. All welds are API compliant with X-ray NDT and hydrotesting available upon request

Contact us with your sampling questions. Using your application specific variables of line size, velocity, density, and viscosity we will use our proprietary calculator to specify an application specific IsoFLOW Probe Solution.

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