Pumps & Pump Racks


Chemtec pump assemblies can be used in a wide variety of additive and dye applications. Pump assemblies include all necessary valves and fittings with standard offerings for a mulitude of applications and treat rates. If a unique application is required our wealth of experience will fit well in prescribing just the right required components to make your project a success. 

Pump racks are fabricated from structural steel and then hot dip galvanized or painted. Every completed pump assembly is then fluid-tested to ensure proper fit and operation.


  • Completely assembled, plumbed & wired
  • Standard flow rates from 2-32 GPM (9-145 LPM)
  • Single pump or dual (redundant) pump configuration
  • Racks are galvanized or painted white
  • Combination starter/breaker, single or dual
  • Fittings package includes Ful-flo pressure relief, ball valves, pressure gauge(s), tubing, and associated components
  • Optional pressure switch with auto failover for dual pump configuration
  • Threaded fittings (standard), socket welded pipe (optional)

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