ProPAC Injector


The Chemtec ProPAC is a PLC-based injection controller and user interface. It can be utilized to control any subordinate injector and when combined with our Chemtec MiniBLOCK injector it becomes a "smart" injection system.



The ProPAC controller utilizes multiple inputs/outputs to control a wide variety of additive applications and enable communication with your terminal automation software, meter technology and transmitters. Multiple alarms are available within the standard software to ensure the highest injection accuracy. Custom injection programming and alarms catered to fit your application is available upon request.  Additionally, the ProPAC provides remote monitoring capability via an RS-485 or Ethernet modbus communications interface. Why wait for a failed batch to realise there is an issue. Move to the ProPAC smart injection system and see alarms as the issues happen giving you adequate time to respond and correct the problem. 

Common applications include the injection of fuel additives, petroleum dyes, ethyl mercaptan, marker additives, and emission reduction additives used at product terminals, refineries, pipelines, and marine terminals. The ProPAC5/6 incorporates a Multi-Purpose Design that can be used as a:

  • Single Additive Injector - used to inject one additive or dye into a single product line.
  • Dual Additive Injector - simultaneously injects two additives into a single main product line when two (2) MiniBLOCK injectors are installed and utilized.
  • Batch injector - used to inject additive based on either time, known main product volume to be treated, or other non-pulse based input.


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