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L.B. Foster Company (NASDAQ: FSTR), recently announced the supply of over 3,000 tons of steel piling to engineering and construction contractor, Bechtel Energy Inc., for the construction of Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P.’s Sabine Pass Liquefaction (SPL) third marine berth expansion project.

Construction of the berth is currently underway on the Sabine Pass Channel in Cameron Parish, LA, utilizing an innovative OPEN CELL™ bulkhead design system to construct the LNG docking facility. L.B. Foster participated in supplying material for this type of unique bulkhead design which was specified by the owner back in 2007 requiring over 4,300 tons of steel piling to construct SPL’s original docking berths.

The berth’s OPEN CELL bulkhead design is an engineered and patented system by PND Engineers, that uses PS31 flat web sheet piles, fabricated wye connectors and anchor H piles, which viewed from above the structure becomes a series of U-shaped horizontal membranes supported by soil contact with embedded sheet pile tail anchor walls. The engineered solution creates an integral reinforced soil system that can withstand large settlement and support a variety of loads. Most of the steel material was coated with glass flake epoxy for additional corrosion protection.

L.B. Foster supplied over 3,000 tons of steel piling for the Sabine Pass LNG export facility expansion contract

L.B. Foster worked closely with supply partners Gerdau and Steel Dynamics to manage delivery of the steel sheets and H piles beginning in mid-2020 with installation completed in April 2021.

The infrastructure at Sabine Pass LNG facility is designed to support its high volume of LNG shipments. As noted on Cheniere’s website, the third berth will be used to load LNG vessels for export and is sized to accommodate vessels with transport capacity between 125,000-180,000 cubic meters of LNG.

OPEN CELL™ is a trademark of PND Engineers, Inc.


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