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https://m6g3q6n5.stackpathcdn.com/perch/resources/Products/dsc1343.jpg Gauge Face Lubrication
https://m6g3q6n5.stackpathcdn.com/perch/resources/Products/dsc1293.jpg Gauge Face Lubrication

L.B. Foster provides a full portfolio of high-performance and environmentally friendly gauge face greases that provide effective lubrication of the wheel flange / rail gauge face interface under all operating conditions.

Our Gauge Face Lubricant Portfolio

Combining a high performance grease with L.B. Foster's trackside PROTECTOR® friction management system ensures the most efficient lubrication and protection.

We provide a range of high-performance and environmentally friendly gauge face lubricants:  

  • SYNCURVE® is an exceedingly durable all-season rail curve lubricant giving the customer flexibility of either employing a lower application rate for existing spaced lubricators or increasing lubricator spacing using current application rates.  SYNCURVE™ provides excellent protection in the wheel flange/gauge face interface and is ultimately biodegradable.

  • PROCURVE® is a highly durable petroleum grease that can be used at lower application rates as compared to traditional rail curve lubricants. PROCURVE is specially formulated to meet the pumpability, adhesion and load carrying requirements of a premium rail curve grease. PROCURVE is available in summer, winter, and arctic grades.

  • BIOCURVE® LB2 is a premium quality readily biodegradable rail curve grease formulated with vegetable oils.  BIOCURVE LB2 has exceptional product stability and lower propensity for bar clogging compared to other biodegradable greases.  This product is recommended for systems and locations requiring documented readily biodegradability such as near waterways or other environmentally sensitive areas.  BIOCURVE LB2 is available in summer and winter grades 

  • ECONOCURVE™ is grease specifically designed to provide good wear protection, weather resistance and effective carry down at an economical cost.  Both summer and winter formulations are available.

  • DURACURVE is a highly durable rail curve grease that has extended carry distances and excellent wear protection.  DURACURVE™ has been formulated to optimize the pumpability, adhesion and water resistance required in the wheel/rail environment.  DURACURVE is currently available in a summer grade.

  • ALLCURVE™ is a cost effective all-season petroleum grease that meets adhesion, pumpability and load carrying requirements at all operating temperatures. ALLCURVE eliminates the need to inventory both summer and winter grades as part of your gauge face lubrication program.

Gauge Face Grease and GreaseGuideā„¢ Applicator

Gauge Face Grease and GreaseGuide™ Applicator

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