Friction Management


Total Friction Management®  is more than a phrase, it is a philosophy. It is how L.B. Foster Rail Technologies works with railroads around the world to achieve optimized friction management programs that work for them.

What is Total Friction Management?

Total Friction Management is working together to systematically assess, implement, validate, and maintain an optimized friction management program that meets the goals of your railroad.

Our mission is to work with you, the operators, designers, and suppliers, to understand the real advantages of friction management and identify how it can achieve your key goals:

  • Extended rail and wheel life

  • Reduced corrugation growth rates or onset

  • Reduction of squeal and flanging noise

  • Better ride quality or improved steering

  • Reduced derailment potential (wheel climb)

  • Avoidance of rolling contact fatigue (RCF)

  • Improved fuel economy

  • Reduced lateral forces

The returns from reduced capital expenditure and increased longevity of track and vehicle infrastructure are not just for rail operators, however. The human, social, and community benefits of addressing noise and improving safety are often incalculable and provide hidden returns that are often overlooked.

With the largest portfolio of friction management experts, products, and services available globally, we will take a holistic view of your operations, challenges, and goals to develop a custom Total Friction Management program just for you. Our team will support you with the level of service you need, from basic installations and on-call assistance, to all-in service programs with guaranteed results.

It’s a new research and technology driven L.B. Foster that is delivering incredible friction management solutions to you.



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