Smart Sampling System


The Chemtec XtractPRO answers the need for improved sample size and frequency while delivering adjustability of each sample grab. 

The system is easy to install, clean and maintain over time, keeping product moving with little interruption and negates the need to shutdown and drain the entire skid as it can be isolated and repaired while the line maintains full pressure. 

Chemtec XtractPRO Differentiators:

  • Instant alarm notification upon a sampling failure
  • Extremely accurate and dependable
  • Designed to meet the new API 8.2 standards
  • Customization of the number of samples taken per batch
  • Customization of the volume of each sample collected
  • Metered volume of each sample
  • Accumulated sample volume can now be monitored in real-time
  • Access to all pertinent data including the metered volume

Instant Alarm Notification

The XtractPRO provides instant alarm notification upon a sampling failure. Utilizing a high-resolution positive displacement flowmeter, it is extremely accurate and dependable. The system was designed to meet the new API 8.2 standards. Data points such as number of samples taken, volume of each sample collected, and accumulated sample volume can now be monitored in real-time.

The XtractPRO provides the user with access to all pertinent data including the metered volume of the process stream, metered volume of the sample stream, number of samples taken, and the metered volume of each sample. Temperature and BS&W averaging data is also collected. The collected data is recorded on a local Micro SD card, and it can also be transmitted to an external system via Ethernet or Modbus with options to transmit via cellular modem.

Industry Leading Technology

Chemtec Energy Services started 25 years ago by injecting additives into fuel. Now, we have reversed the flow from injecting into a product stream to extracting for the sampling process using our knowledge and technology to make this innovative, industry-leading product.

Recent News

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