TransPAC, DrumPAC, FleetPAC Injection Systems


Chemtec manufactures complete additive and dye injection systems for petroleum and petrochemical applications worldwide.

FleetPAC Truck Injection System

FleetPAC Truck injection system is designed to automatically inject ACES diesel fuel catalyst into fuel holding tanks based on the data entered by the driver following completion of tank refueling operations. FleetPAC may be used to inject into truck saddletanks, fuel tanks for mobile refrigeration units, automotive tanks, fuel tanks for heavy equipment, marine diesel fuel tanks, and stationary engine fuel tanks. For typical operations, up to three (3) separate tanks may be programmed for automatic injection of catalyst.

DrumPAC Injection System

DrumPAC is a complete injection system designed to inject a variety of liquid additives and dyes from a drum into a process stream. The DrumPAC utilizes a microprocessor-based controller in conjunction with a high performance metering pump to accurately measure and record injections. The DrumPAC also includes supply and discharge connection lines and fittings as well as a vent for the drum (drum and drum dolly are not included).

TransPAC Injection System (for fuel off-loading)

TransPAC is a complete stand-alone injection system designed to accurately inject performance additives during bulk fuel off-loading or in-line fuel transfer operations. Easy to use, a bulk fuel truck’s off-loading hose is simply connected to the inlet of the unit, and additve is automatically metered into the fuel at the prescribed injection rate. When fuel off-loading ceases, the electronic controller records transaction data resulting in verifiable accuracy.

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