High Flow Injectors


Chemtec manufactures custom injectors for a wide range of applications and flow rates, including high flow rates up to 30 GPM. 

Chemtec high flow injectors accommodate a broad range of flow rates and pressures. These injectors are accurate, reliable and compatible with a wide range of chemicals as well. Applications can also utilize either UL / CUL or ATEX listed components that are approved for use in hazardous area locations. 

High flow injectors can be ordered as a “Stick” injector if control electronics are already available, or it can be assembled as a “Smart” injector utilizing the Chemtec ProPAC electronic control module. The ProPAC incorporates a Multi-Purpose Design enabling alarm functionality as well as configuration of:

  • Single AdditiveInjector - used to inject one additive or dye into a single product line.
  • Dual Additive Injector - used to simultaneously inject two additives into a single main product line, when two injectors are used
  • Batch injector - used to inject additive based on time, known main product volume and treat rate, or other non-pulse based inputs (offered in single or dual arrangement)


Design Features:

  • High quality, accuracy and reliability
  • Available either unmounted, mounted on a backplate, or skid mounted
  • Multiple flow meter options to accommodate a wide flow range
  • Multiple Solenoid Options depending on required flow rate
  • RS-485 serial communications
  • Two (2) separate additives may be injected simultaneously
  • RoHS compliant (lead-free)
  • Power 120 VAC/60 Hz (standard), other voltages available
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Utilizes UL/CUL or ATEX components for use in Hazardous Locations

Latest News

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