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Trackside Gauge Face Lubrication for Transit

L.B. Foster provides a full portfolio of high-performance and environmentally friendly gauge face greases that provide effective lubrication of the wheel flange / rail gauge face...

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On Board Gauge Face Lubrication for Transit

KELSAN® LCF Solid Stick On-Board Lubricant

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Trackside Top of Rail Friction Management for Transit

KELTRACK® trackside products are water-based, liquid friction modifiers applied using PROTECTOR® Top-of-Rail application systems.

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Traction Enhancement

Our Traction Gel Applicator (TGA) applies traction enhancing material (ALLEVIATE®) directly to the top of running rails at locations where there is potential for low...

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The L.B. Foster Flood Monitoring System is far more sophisticated than it looks at first glance. The simple design of the inline flood...

L.B. Foster Flood Monitoring System Installed Along Class I Railroad

L.B. Foster Field Services Director Jim Tanner was recently recognized for his support of hiring Coast Guard Reservists to the...

ESGR, a Department of Defense Program, Recognizes an L.B. Foster Manager with the Patriot Award