Total Friction Management

Total Friction Management™  is more than a phrase, it is a philosophy. It is how L.B. Foster Rail Technologies works with railroads around the world to achieve optimized friction...

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Understanding Friction Management

It is our mission to help our partners understand the real advantages of installing friction management solutions. Correctly controlling wheel / rail friction is a key part of...

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Remote Performance Monitoring

Our RPM system provides immediate, intuitive insight into the operating performance of friction management assets.

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Performance Validation

L.B. Foster’s Friction Management products are backed by market-leading experience in wheel / rail interface issues.

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Transit Solutions

Transit specific friction management solutions

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Freight Solutions

Freight specific friction management solutions.

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The L.B. Foster Flood Monitoring System is far more sophisticated than it looks at first glance. The simple design of the inline flood...

L.B. Foster Flood Monitoring System Installed Along Class I Railroad

L.B. Foster Field Services Director Jim Tanner was recently recognized for his support of hiring Coast Guard Reservists to the...

ESGR, a Department of Defense Program, Recognizes an L.B. Foster Manager with the Patriot Award