Transportation and Energy Infrastructure Products and Services


L.B. Foster Company is committed to meeting customer expectations and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and the quality management system.


L.B. Foster Tubular Products

Coated Products – ISO9001:2008 FM38820
Scope: The applications of coatings to steel pipe.  

Threaded Products – APIQR 0619
Scope: Provisions of threading services under IAF scope category 17, with the exclusion of section 7.3, design and development.


L.B. Foster Construction Products

Bridge Products – AISC Endorsement – Certificate No. 201081071-2014  

Scope: Certified Bridge Fabrication - Simple.


L.B. Foster Rail Business

Rail Business – ISO9001:2008 PRI Certificate of Registration No. 13-1989

Thirteen locations within the L.B. Foster Rail Business are part of a multi-site agreement.  We have developed a top level Quality/Business Operations Management System manual.  This manual describes the strategy and policy for the L.B. Foster Rail Business.  The L.B. Foster Rail Business has established and shall maintain a mission, vision and values for the company.

The scope of the quality/business management system, including details of and justification for any exclusions for each location within the multi-site registration is described on the following certificates of registration:

Pittsburgh (Corporate, Allegheny Rail Products, L.B. Foster Rail Technologies and CXT Ties operations)