Transportation and Energy Infrastructure Products and Services

A Business System Designed for Performance

Our quest for business excellence employs a robust strategy to deliver customer satisfaction and maximize company profits. We have set realistic and achievable goals for our team that are being met with a performance culture. L.B. Foster's people and key processes are fundamental to our success. Having our team and processes align properly and work smoothly drives satisfaction and loyalty to our customer base.

Our business system begins with people first and an ongoing team building process that leads to customer centricity. The company launched a talent management initiative to ensure we have trained, motivated individuals in the proper positions necessary to realize our strategies. As a team, we are often offered a tough challenge that we answer with an innovative solution. These successes are borne from the positive interactions between L.B. Foster professionals and our customers.

Behind the team is a business system that brings consistency and effectiveness to each customer encounter and quality design to every product developed. Integrated into our process improvement philosophy are tools such as a new ERP system, performance management, strategy execution, and a continuous sustainable improvement model which serves as a capstone that drives the success of our company's business system.

We are creating a performance culture that provides a clear path to the creation of customer satisfaction and sustained shareholder value. L.B. Foster is developing more profitable business models and using our unique business process system to drive performance.